Holter Monitor Instructions

Holter Monitor Instructions

A Holter Monitor is a small device worn continuously for 48 hours. Please shower before your appointment as you will not be able to shower or bathe for 48 hours. The monitor records the electrical activity of your heart while you continue your normal daily activities and routine.

Man having a Holter Monitor put on

1. You will need to remove your shirt only

2. We may need to dry shave the chest area where the electrodes will be placed.

Three orange disposable razors

3. The electrode sites will be cleaned with alcohol and gently scrubbed with an abrasive pad in order to ensure proper connectivity.

An alcohol swab and  trace prep tape

4. Five disposable, latex-free adhesive electrodes will be applied to the skin. You will NOT be allowed to bath or shower during this time. Care should be taken to keep monitor away from water.

A Holter Monitor

5. A diary will be given to you at appointment. Use it to record any symptoms you may have, such as chest pain, palpitations, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, etc. You must record the time when it occurs, using the clock from the monitor only.

Holter Monitor

• Skin may be slightly uncomfortable, from the preparation. Good skin prep will allow for accurate results. If skin irritation occurs after removal, we suggest the use of Vitamin E or Aloe Vera cream/oil.

• Note: In rare cases patients may have moderate to severe reactions after the electrodes are removed. Reactions can be and are not limited to; rashes, blister, and even loss of skin pigmentation. If this occurs, please see your family physician for possible treatment. Again, these occurrences are rare, however may happen with those with increased skin sensitivity

• Do not tamper with the monitor, battery, or cable as this will cause data loss.

• The Holter Monitor should be carefully removed and returned to us by the time instructed by your technologist. Your physician will advise you of the results.

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